First Two Weeks

First Two Weeks of School for 6th Grade Band

  • Does my student need an instrument the first day of 6th Grade Band?
    • Nope!  You need NOTHING for band the first few days of school. The only exception may be a pencil.
  • When does my student need to have their instrument?
    • Our first day with instruments and books in class will be Friday, September 16th.
  • How to I get an instrument?
    • If renting from a store:  Wally’s and Beacock Music will bring instruments, books and accessories to the ACMS commons on Wednesday, September 14th, from 6-8pm.  You are welcome to come if it would be convenient for you and rent at that time.  You may also to go ANY music store to rent an instrument.
    • If renting from Athey Creek (large instruments):  Fill out a rental contract, which will be passed out in class on Tuesday, September 13th, and due Friday, September 16th.
    • If planning to purchase:  PLEASE do not buy an instrument from non-music retailers (think big box stores, large membership stores, or the two-day shipping people).  These instruments have a tendency to be of inferior quality and can hinder student success.  Many will not be repaired by any music store (lack of parts available), causing more eventual cost.  If you find an instrument on Craigslist or eBay, Ms. Arthur is happy to look at the link; just email her the posting.
  • What book do students need? Where can I get it?
    • Measures of Success, Book 1 for your child’s instrument.  $8.95 for winds, $16.95 for percussion.  Available at any music store, online, or at Rental Night on September 14th.  Please let Ms. Arthur know if you need financial assistance in purchasing your book.  Measures of Success
  • I have a specific question about band:

Last Update: 8/29/16