We are always on the lookout for parents who are willing to give their time to help the band program.  We are looking for assistance in the following areas:

  • Chaperoning
  • Set-up/Take-down help for concert performances
  • Assisting with individual instruction (on a specific instrument)
  • Fundraising
  • Publicity
  • Assisting with MAP concessions during performances
  • Band Library Organization (if available during the school day)
  • Any other skills you are willing to share (e.g. Construction, Restaurateur, CPA, etc)

How can parents help their student succeed in band?  

  • Show an interest in your child’s musical study
  • Help your child arrange a regular time to practice
  • Provide for private lesson instruction
  • Listen to your child practice and encourage them
  • Teach your child to be prepared and on time
  • Provide for private lesson instruction
  • Make faithful attendance at all band activities important
  • Please notify me (via email) if your child must miss an event outside the normal school day.
  • Provide for private lesson instruction – sensing a pattern?
  • Come to all performances and support your kids. They are awesome!