Comprehensive Musicianship

What is comprehensive musicianship?

At Athey Creek, students aim to be well-rounded musicians.  It is one thing to be able to play an instrument, but it is quite another to understand and appreciate the why, how and history of a piece.  Comprehensive Musicianship is made up of aspects of a music education that every Athey Creek band student will receive:

  1. Performing – All types: concerts, parades, small ensembles, playing tests, assemblies
  2. Ear Training – Singing, tuning
  3. Composing
  4. Improvising
  5. History – cultural perspectives
  6. Vocabulary – both in English and other world languages (Italian, German, Spanish)
  7. Theory – Concepts and analysis
  8. Listening – Playing by ear, critical listening (IDEA elements: Instrumentation, Dynamics, Emotions, Adjectives)
  9. Conducting
  10. World Music
  11. Advocacy – What will students do as adults to be an arts appreciator?