Jazz Band

Jazz Band 2017:

Jazz band starts Wednesday, September 6th, at 8am

All interested students attend jazz band every day from 8-9am.  We will prepare together for the jazz audition.

Auditions for Monday Jazz are on Thursday, 9/21 and Friday 9/22, from 8-9am.  You don’t have to play an audition – if you don’t, you’re automatically in Tuesday jazz.  Congrats!

Rehearsals for both bands begin the next week.  Monday Jazz meets MWF, Tuesday Jazz meets Tu/Th.

After placement auditions, Ms. Arthur will assist students to sign up for their correct class with the ACMS office.  Jazz band is a credited class with a P/NP grading system.


About Our Program:

The Athey Creek Jazz Band is a great opportunity for students to improve on their instruments, learn about the uniquely American art form of jazz, and have a great time playing fun music.  Membership is open to students with at least one semester of playing experience, or with permission from Ms. Arthur.  You must be a member of the 6th, 7th, or 8th grade band or orchestra to participate in jazz band.  

Because of high levels of interest in jazz band, there will be a placement audition and two levels of jazz band offered.  All interested students will attend the first two weeks of rehearsals.  On Monday, September 26th, students will audition on provided material and be placed in either Monday Jazz or Tuesday Jazz. Monday Jazz is the most visible ensemble and will travel to competitive festivals, in addition to performing at all jazz concerts. Monday Jazz instrumentation is limited to saxes, trombones, trumpets, piano, bass, guitar, drum set, and vibes.  Tuesday Jazz will be open to sixth grade students the second semester (January) and will accept ALL instruments.  Tuesday Jazz will perform at concerts only.  All performances by the Jazz Band are mandatory. If you are interested in jazz band but would like more information, please contact Ms. Arthur.

Please note that jazz band is a huge, but very rewarding time commitment.

Last Update: August 16th, 2017