This week: April 10-14

Events this week:

End of Term – Friday 4/14.  ALL WORK DUE TODAY.  

Solo and Ensemble Festival Saturday 4/15, Lake Oswego JH

Classroom Agendas:

Monday Jazz Band: Rehearsal M, W, F.  

Tuesday Jazz Band:  Rehearsal Tu, Th.  

Band 8: Major scales.  Festival pieces: Where the Sun Breaks Through the Mist, Korean Folk Rhapsody, Miss Liberty March

Band 7:  Festival Pieces: Scenes from an Ocean Voyage, Rogue River Venture.  New music – Canon of Peace/Canticle

Band 6:  Book: 4.1 – 4.20.  Fury.  Blurbs.  

Assignments and Handouts:

All Classes – NO new Daily Five this week

Coming Up:

Cadet Festival – April 20th, Field trip to WLHS, 7th grade band only

OSU Band Festival – April 21st, Field trip to Corvallis, 8th grade band only

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